Coordinated ALLPLAN 3D Model for High-value Turkish Firm

With a requirement of coordinated ALLPLAN 3D model, a leading Turkish firm approached eLogicTech. The client has undertaken many giant construction projects and delivered with high-quality facilities. As a reputed business house, our client has developed many infrastructure, such as datacenters, hospitals, and hospitality centers. Dealing with large-scale real estate projects the client has always set the quality of their deliverable high and consistent.

ALLPLAN 3D Modeling Requirement from the Client

Requiring coordinated models of a huge bonded facility, the client requested eLogicTech to provide the 3D models in ALLPLAN software specifically. The client provided all the conceptual AutoCAD 2D drawings of the construction plan and the project standards to adhere.

Challenges that the eLogicTech's 3D CAD Engineers Overcame

This ALLPLAN 3D modeling project brought two usual challenges that eLogicTech team overcomes with almost every assignment. The first one was to understand the building standards that the client wanted us to comply while developing the 3D model. The second one was the delivery of detailed 3D models within 30 days of time which includes design changes as well as customizations.

ALLPLAN Modeling
Process Followed by eLogicTech Team


After understanding the ALLPLAN modeling requirement, eLogicTech's team made a detailed document and took the client's consent.


Keeping the 1-month delivery timeline in mind, we assigned a dedicated team of three experienced members which included 2 CAD engineers and one QC specialist.


The team used ALLPLAN software to create the 3D CAD models and send the drawings for the client's opinion.


The client suggested a few design changes which our CAD designers incorporated in the 3D model.


We also created a bill of materials and delivered in an Excel sheet as requested by the client.


After a thorough quality check referring to the quality checklist, the team delivered the ALLPLAN 3D models and bill of material well within 30 days of agreed time.

Project Takeaways - Quality Deliverable and Significant Cost Saving

No doubt, the client was happy to see the results. When the coordinated ALLPLAN 3D modeling project was another learning experience for the eLogicTech team, the client was also benefitted from a decent cost saving and in-time delivery. For a customized quotation and to learn more on our engagement model, let us know about your ALLPLAN CAD modeling project requirements.

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