Car Wash Building Design Project for Leading American Construction Firm

The Client - Diversified Construction Services Firm

Our client is a US-based construction company dealing with residential as well as commercial building projects. Over the last two decades, the client has assisted numerous organizations with construction planning, management, and car wash building design approval processes.

The client has completed projects pertaining to the construction of office buildings, churches, clinics, car wash service centers, residential houses, and remodeling of architecturally magnificent commercial establishments. With a huge clientele across the globe, this construction giant has a reputation for accomplishing large and complex projects on time with ease.

Requirements for the Car Wash Design Layout and Architecture

The client approached eLogicTech for a high-value car wash building design project. The project involved 3D CAD design of the 5000 SFT build area with architectural, structural, and MEP detailing. With more than 1.5 acre of car wash plot, the CAD design and drafting project has the following requirements.

  • Preparation of detailed construction documentation in CAD.
  • Development of construction drawings based on the schematic designs (site plans, floor plans, and elevation details) provided by the client.
  • Detailing of the facade, POS (Point of Sale), walls, roof, and types of canopies, etc.

Challenges that the eLogicTech Team Overcame

For such a large car wash design project, the most grueling challenge before the eLogicTech team was to deal with the communication barrier among teams. Tracking of email conversions and coordination among the architectural, structural, and MEP teams was essential. So, the eLogicTech team first streamlined the terminologies and created common portals for communication so that all the teams will remain updated about the changes or modifications.

Four-step Car Wash Building Design Process by eLogicTech

As the architectural project required a structured approach, the team at eLogicTech developed a customized process for smooth project completion. The process outline was as below:


After reviewing the project brief and discussing with the client, we took the final approval on the set of project requirements and deliverables.


Based on the timelines defined by the client, we assigned an experienced four-member team with dedicated project managers for MEP and structural and architectural.


Our experts thoroughly studied the concept drawings and CAD templates provided by the client and developed the 3D AutoCAD drawings. The drawing that we provided included architectural specifications of the ceiling, wall elevations, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) design structures.


On approval of the client, we sent the final CAD drawings along with the specification details and the list of terminologies used.

Exceptional Steps by Our Architects to Address the Client's Specific Requirements

To provide the client with round-the-clock support and meet the tight project deadline, eLogicTech's leadership team made a detailed risk analysis and ensured the following as part of the process:

  • Dedicated PM for the client from start-to-finish each time and every project
  • Weekly proactive status update
  • On-demand calls with a detailed project summary
  • 100% adherence to the agreed timelines irrespective of change requests

Key Project Takeaways for the Client and eLogicTech Team

What else the eLogicTech team could have asked from this time critical project other than a happy client and successful project completion well within the agreed timelines. While the client benefitted with the best-in-the-industry pricing for the car wash design project, we also could further refine our processes toward zero-defect delivery drive for every architectural project.

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