CAD Modeling and 3D Visualization of Home Interiors for Leading Architectural Firm

Our client is an architectural firm based in Toronto. With enormous skill and experience to their belt, the client has delivered several real estate development and industrial design projects over the years. The client has a specialty in taking up challenging projects and involving their best architects to deliver innovative design solutions.

So, many times, they receive projects which have been dealt by several others and have already become even more complex. However, with a ground rule of thinking out-of-the-box, at every occasion, the client has been able to satisfy the need of their customers.

PDF to CAD Conversion and 3D Modeling Requirement for the Project

Though the current project was not very complex in nature, during this part of the year, the client had received a lot many projects to deal with. So, one of such high-value projects the client required to partner with an experienced architectural engineering company and approached eLogicTech.

As part of the requirement, the client had a set of plan drawings and concept sketches in PDF. The client wanted eLogicTech team to first convert the drawings to .DWG format. Once in CAD form, the client wanted us to incorporate additional design changes to finally deliver the architectural 3D model of the construction and house interior plans. Above all, for each drawing set, the client had a very tight deadline which is only 24 hours.

3D Modeling and Rendering Process by the eLogicTech Team


eLogicTech received the construction plans and elevation drawings in PDF format which needed to be visualized and modeled.


The leadership team assigned two dedicated drafters and a QC lead for the project.


First we converted the drawings in PDF into 2D/3D model using AutoCAD. We sent the black and white model for the client's approval.


After the client's approval, as per the client's requirements, we used 3dsMax software to customize the 3D model of the plan.


We incorporated custom furniture, texture, and bath fixture, etc to the 3D model and sent the same to the client for final approval.


After this final approval, we rendered the model and sent the JPG and PNG format as requested by the client.

The Client Benefitted from Highly Accurate 3D Models Within a Very Tight Deadline

The 3D visualization of the conceptual floor plans and elevations was challenging which eLogicTech's team dealt with the experience from a variety of projects. We not only provided accurate design plans but also improvised the designs with the client's approval. As specified by the client, we did everything possible to deliver each project deliverable within the same day without compromising quality in any aspect.

If you have a similar 3D modeling and rendering requirement and need an offshore team that can deliver in time, please do reach out to eLogicTech.

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