CAD Conversion from As-built Drawings for Los Angeles Based Architectural Design Studio

Our client is a leading architectural studio based in Los Angeles. The client has delivered numerous architectural visualization projects blending as-built landscapes and cultural art. With a vast range of services such as interior/exterior designing, urban designing, construction drawings, etc. the client has established itself as a popular name in providing new and innovative building designs. Over the years, the client has served hundreds of customers and achieved many prestigious awards carving their name in the architectural sphere.

PDF to CAD Conversion Requirement

The client approached eLogicTech for a high-value CAD conversion and drafting service. It was a group housing project which included eleven residential housing plans in an area of around 4.5 million square feet. The as-built drawings were in PDF forms and the client wanted us to convert those drawings into CAD form and create the site plans, floor plans, and interior/exterior elevation plans for each apartment.

Challenges Faced by eLogicTech's Engineers

While working on this CAD drafting project, eLogicTech's team of architects overcame the following challenges:

  • Understanding of the sections and details to calculate the exact wall thickness.
  • Deciding the materials to bring the required textures and develop the elevations.
  • As we had received just the drawings, our team of engineers had to search the existing conditions in Google to match the information with the received plans and elevations to give 100% quality.

CAD Conversion and Elevation Drawing Process by the eLogicTech Team


After receiving the as-built construction drawings in PDF through Dropbox, we first finalized the requirements and the delivery timeline which was just 11 days.


We formed a team of experienced drafters and assigned three engineers for this project.


We utilized Autodesk AutoCAD software for CAD conversion of the drawings from PDF form to DWG files.


Once the CAD files of the construction plans are created, we developed the floor plans, elevation drawings, and individual sectional drawings.


We also incorporated a few additional design changes as requested by the client and delivered the final CAD drawings.

CAD Drawings for Building Structures Spanning Across 4.5 Million Square Feet Area

eLogicTech not only delivered error-free high-quality CAD drawings of the residential apartments, but also ensured that they comply with the CAD standards like maintaining the Layers, line types, line weights, Xref’s etc. Moreover, the client was benefitted from our proactive efforts to deliver such a high-value project well within the short and tight deadline of just 11-days without compromising the quality in any way.

At eLogicTech, we believe that architectural accuracy of CAD drawings aligning with clients' design requirements are important for every project. If you have a similar CAD conversion or Revit modeling requirement, contact us and we'll ensure you accomplish the project with utmost quality at the best price.

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