BIM Model Designed for a Huge Residential Structure

eLogicTech was contacted by a leading American company for a coordinated BIM modeling project. The client is an engineering firm long established in the US with a huge clientele in the AEC industry. Handling several time-critical Revit modeling projects, the in-house team of the firm couldn't cope with the demand. Thinking to partner with an experienced BIM outsourcing service provider, the client approached eLogicTech and finally convinced to sign the contract after learning about our experience as a BIM consultant over two decades.

Coordinated BIM Modeling Requirements from the Client

Our client was handling a huge residential complex construction project. The project required coordinated BIM model, the fabrication specifications, sectional drawings, and bill of quantity estimation as part of the requirement.

Challenges Faced by eLogicTech's BIM Consultants

The client is known for its on-time delivery and high-quality Revit models. So, along with the requirement of adhering to the non-negotiable timelines, we had to learn and understand the construction standards to be followed in the project geography.

Process Outline for
Coordinated BIM Model by eLogicTech


eLogicTech's team of BIM consultants received the AutoCAD drawings, Revit templates, and other project documents.


We choose three experienced engineers for this BIM modeling project.


The team went through the project documents and had a few calls with the client to understand the construction standards specifically required by them.


The team used Autodesk Revit to develop coordinated BIM model.


Using Autodesk Advance Steel software, we also created the detailed bill of materials.


Finally, we delivered the 3D BIM model as a Revit file, the bill of materials in an Excel sheet, and the sectional drawings.

BIM Modeling and Fabrication Drawings Within Time and Budget

For eLogicTech, it was an interesting project and a business partnership to cherish. The client used to receive a lot of similar projects which at times, they are unable to handle due to limited bandwidth. With eLogicTech's BIM modeling team by their side, they expanded their in-house capability to deal with more number of Revit project and more importantly without compromising the quality of the deliverable.

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