BIM 360 Revit Modeling for New York Based Real Estate Company

The client is a leading American real estate firm with over a decade of experience in carrying out hundreds of industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Headquartered in the New York city, our client has several offices and engagement centers around the US. Catering to a global audience, the prestigious client takes up high-value real estate projects with strict adherence to global construction standards, precision, and timeline. For design collaboration and to faster the design phase, the client usually outsources their Revit modeling tasks to reliable partners.

Revit Model and BIM 360 Deliverable for the Spofford Building Renovation Project

The client approached eLogicTech through website enquiry. After learning about our two decades of experience in providing BIM services and in-house Revit specialists, the client decided for the partnership. As they were associated with many construction projects, they had a long-term partnership requirement concerning to BIM 360 Revit modeling. The first project was for a renovation and re-construction project for which they wanted our team to work on the CAD drawings and the concept images to create the Revit model including all the markups specified.

Unconventional Facade Design Challenges for the eLogicTech Team

There were two major challenges before our engineering team. One with the facade design and the other with a common staircase connecting two buildings. Both these needed to be resolved by out-of-the box design thinking and visualization:

  • Custom facade design: The client wanted eLogicTech to design wave pattern panels with void openings for windows facade of the building. Our engineers created those as curtain panel families and loaded on the shell of the exterior building.
  • Connecting staircase: The client wanted to connect two buildings of different levels through stairs and ramps. After careful visualization, we suggested to achieve it through a combination of ramps and stairs as a single component per the design.

BIM 360 Revit Modeling Process that Provide the Precise Deliverables


After finalizing the requirements, eLogicTech received the CAD drawings, the concept sketches, and the markups in a PDF document as the input documents. A two member team was formed to work on this project.


Adhering to the markup instructions, each building was modeled in Autodesk Revit.


The buildings were connected through the newly designed ramps and stairs and matched to the actual grade information.


The Revit models were shared with the client in the form of BIM 360 files.

Proactive Communication and Design Suggestions Appreciated by the Client

As an experienced Revit family creation, architectural CAD and 3D visualization service provider, eLogicTech Solutions has a reputation among its global clientele. By delivering this Revit modeling project in time and with precision, our team exceeded the client's expectations in terms of quality and design visualization. If you have a similar requirement or planning a project, let us know and one of our senior BIM consultants will give you a call with a custom quote.

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