400 Revit Parametric Family Creation for US-based Engineering Company

The client was an American engineering firm specialized in turnkey building design. Client is a turnkey design building engineering company. With a great reputation in the silicon valley, the client has a team of highly experienced engineers and designers. The client's service profile ranges from preconstruction to engineering and design, material procurement, and construction planning. With several offices across the United States, our client mainly deals with offices, institutional buildings, health care, hospitality, and industrial building projects.

Shared Revit Family Creation Requirement for the Project

The client had contacted eLogicTech with the requirement of creating 400 Revit parametric families. In the form of input, the client had provided the generic schedules in .rvt file. The delivery timeline defined for this project was one month and the client had specifically instructed to meet their design standards.

The eLogicTech Team Took Challenges as Opportunities to Deliver Better

The eLogicTech team has always taken challenges to realign the processes, brush the skills, and setting new good examples. The project had brought the following challenges before the team:

Frequent update of the standards by the client was the major challenge. The only way to deal with it was periodic communication with the client and it was very much part of eLogicTech's process.

Another challenge was to QC more than 100 attributes for each family. With proactive planning and the team's prior experience in dealing with such massive deliverable helped to manage it.

Revit Family Creation Process Steps


Once the project timeline and scope of the project was finalized, eLogicTech set a team of two experienced engineers for the project.


The parametric Revit families were developed and customized to the client's standards.


The schedules were formatted as per the shared parameters.


Every Revit family went through a stringent QC process by the project manager followed by printing hard copies before sending those to the client.

Unconventional Approaches by eLogicTech to Go Beyond the Expectations

There were instances, when the eLogicTech team did not find any of the shared parameters within the clients input data. In such scenarios, the team custom created the parameters and implemented the information for the Revit families. This was much appreciated by the client, and the client applied it by making just minor modifications. eLogicTech has always run the extra mile for a better project outcome and at the end of it, it was the client's satisfaction that matters the most for the team.

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