The Power of Tekla Structures to Aid Contractors in Creating and Managing Structural 3D Models

The Power of Tekla Structures to Aid Contractors in Creating and Managing Structural 3D Models

Tekla Structures is one of the most powerful structural engineering software that eLogicTech uses to develop, manage, and share information-rich 3D models. Loaded with detailed construction information, Tekla Structures software offers to conceptualize a building, elaborate the components, and extract the 2D drawings of each section for reference. So, be it for construction planning, actual construction reference, or for maintenance after years of operation, our engineers can get you all the data you need with the help of Tekla Structures.

Customers looking for a high level of detail (LOD) in their structural models at a reasonable cost, look for the power of Tekla Structures. With an in-house team of engineers, our team ensures precise structural detailing and modeling across the stages of construction from planning to fabrication. Want to learn more about our Tekla capabilities? - Join the live chat or contact us so that our experts get in touch with you at a time convenient to you.

Tekla Structures Capabilities of eLogicTech

As a structural engineering service provider, eLogicTech Solutions has experienced visualizing complex structures and facades over the years. Supporting clients across the globe, on outsourcing Tekla projects, here are the key Tekla Structures capabilities that our clients can avail:

  • 3D modeling of all structural components including columns, beams, joints, slabs, etc.
  • Visualization and modeling of complex non-conventional structures and facades.
  • Suggestion of a plethora of profiles, material grades, and reinforcements from the Tekla Structures catalog.
  • Parametric detailing of parts and sections in case of scaling up or down the structures.
  • CNC outputs for designs and patterns in supported multi-material structures.
  • Extraction and the creation of reference 2D drawings from structural 3D models.
  • Information management and rich documentation for future reference and maintenance.

Benefits of Outsourcing Tekla Structures Services

Our team leverages the power of Tekla Structures to provide the best structural designs and models that your construction team is looking for. The Tekla benefits are enormous which can be well supported by our Tekla experts' knowledge and experience:

  • 3D models with detailing up to LOD 500.
  • Adherence to local standards and construction guidelines with logs and markups in different languages.
  • Easy collaboration among project teams using Tekla Structure's options.
  • Hassle-free integration with third-party design software for 360-degree construction support.

Contact Our Tekla Structures Experts for a Specialist Structural Engineering Support

Tekla Structures supports modeling of structures involving concrete, steel frames, and more. Our Tekla steel detailing team makes use of Tekla to develop the steel frame designs for your building before they can be further modeled through Autodesk Revit. Having worked on hundreds of projects concerning to Tekla Structures, eLogicTech serves as the one-stop destination for all your Tekla needs. Whether you need steel erection drawings, steel fabrication drawing, or just structural drafting, contact us for a free consultation and a custom quote.

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