Tekla BIMsight to Collaborate and Improve Construction

Tekla BIMsight to Collaborate and Improve Construction

Tekla BIMsight is a highly popular tool among BIM teams. With experienced BIMsight specialists, eLogicTech helps in coordinating with project teams in combining models or importing them to IFC format. Along with the assistance of DWG to DGN conversion, our team also provides comprehensive clash detection and design modification by identifying existing and potential conflicts.

With an in-house team of BIM experts and years of experience, eLogicTech provides complete BIMsight services that bank on the software's model-based collaboration feature. Along with 24/7 support, on outsourcing Tekla BIMsight requirements, organizations can benefit from design coordination, clash detection, seamless project communication, and more. To learn our engagement model and how our team can help, talk to one of our experts today.

Tekla BIMsight services provided by eLogicTech

eLogicTech helps contractors use Tekla BIMsight features to the fullest and avoid project roadblocks due to design changes or modifications due to clashes or miscommunication. Some of our key BIMsight services are as below:

  • Conflict check and monitoring - Using the features of BIMsight, our team helps in checking for potential conflicts in the designs and even monitoring them in case of project expansion or design changes.
  • Clash detection - As part of our BIM MEP service, our BIM team evaluates the MEP models (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) and detects clashes and suggest the design changes to improve architectural efficiency.
  • Model sharing - With Tekla BIMsight, sharing of the complete construction model or sectional models is easy. Our engineers help in effective collaboration and contribution for a successful project.
  • Project documentation and communication - Our team assists project teams including engineers, architects, contractors, and other stakeholders keep track of the project updates and progress through BIMsight.

How Tekla BIMsight can benefit the construction teams

As a reliable BIM collaboration tool, eLogicTech suggests Tekla BIMsight and ensures the following technical as well as operational benefits:

Seamless 3D navigation - The three-dimensional navigation feature of BIMsight makes it easier to present the holistic technical view of the project.

Easy to use interface - With an interface compatible across platforms including mobile devices, BIMsight enables engineers to contribute towards design ideas remotely.

Instant communication - Easy sharing of models and BIMsight Note feature helps in communicating in real-time.

Reliable model view and review - A review of the BIM model for clash detection and the option to combine models were among other key benefits.

eLogicTech's Tekla BIMsight specialists can offer expert assistance

eLogicTech Solutions is a two-decade-old engineering service provider with hundreds of satisfied customers across the US, the UK, Europe, and Australia. Along with BIM services, eLogicTech provides architectural, civil engineering, and 3D visualization as part of its service range. As a leading BIM consulting services company, if you are looking for specialized BIMsight services, eLogicTech can help you handle your project well. Book a free consultation today to get started.

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