Structural Steel Detailing Process

eLogicTech's Structural Steel Detailing Process

The structural steel detailing process from eLogicTech Solutions involves planning, drawings of the structure, detailing of the drawings, and documentation. The steel details are meant to help fabricators and acts as the reference shop drawings for precise steel structure. Based on the initial blueprints and clients' inputs, our detailers develop the shop drawing as well as the overall layout drawings which are then referred by the fabricators to carry out the construction.

The main purpose of steel detailing is to develop a structure that would have the strength to sustain against accidental mishaps and natural calamities. Thought structural steel is essential for large projects, it holds as much value for commercial buildings, industrial establishments, and high-value residential structures as well.

When can construction teams benefit from eLogicTech's steel detailing services

eLogicTech's steel detailing process has been planned in a way that it keeps the entire project team in one loop. Our carefully designed process helps architects, fabricators, contractors, and engineers follow the right structural engineering approach during and after the project is over. Some of the scenarios, when our structural engineering team can help are as follows:

  • Reference erection drawings - Engineers in the construction site refer the detailed erection drawings to identify the steel members to carry out the tasks like bolting, welding, and installing the anchors, etc.
  • Pre-engineering building structure - For building enclosure systems in the form of roof and wall claddings, facades, etc., steel detailing is required to precisely lay the structure.
  • Steel-structure bridges and towers - From the foundation to the joints, connections, and constituent details, structural detailing is essential in developing bridges and transmission towers.
  • Metal facades or walls - Metal or concrete facades or walls as part of unconventional structures require accurate steel detailing to bring in the design and aesthetics.
  • Light metal frame layouts - Be it a commercial, industrial, or residential building, steel metal frame fabrication and construction require sufficient detailing of the steel structure and the materials.

Exhaustive steel detailing and fabrication process of eLogicTech

eLogicTech's structural detailers are experienced in working on a variety of construction projects and have devised a process that is meant to help your project team achieve the desired precision. Our steel detailing process involves the following steps:

Planning and the layout design: Based on the requirement, our structural engineers plan the project layout and develop a conceptual design.

Sectional drawings: Each design then further segregated into sections and precise methodical diagrams of the steel parts are created.

Detailing of the structures: As part of our Tekla steel detailing service, our detailers then create the shop drawings of the steel members such as columns, beams, joints, and trusses, etc.

Final erection drawings: Based on the shop drawings that considered the exact specification (size, dimensions, fabrication instructions, material requirements, and surface specification, etc.), the erection drawings are developed and sent to the client.

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With over 20 years of industry presence and as a specialist structural engineering house, eLogicTech's steel detailing process adheres to the global detailing standards. Based on the clients' requirements, our steel detailing team develops fabrication drawings and erection details complying to the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), Canadian Institute of Steel Construction, British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA), Norwegian Steel Association, Swedish Institute of steel construction (SBI), and more.

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