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Steel detailing and fabrication design undergo numerous challenges during construction and fabrication. The list includes project delays, inaccuracies regarding connection design, incorrect project details, missing industry standards, overestimation, and many more.

The steel detailing service from eLogicTech helps fabricators, contractors, and project owners to deal with these construction challenges at the fabrication shop, job site, or the design or detailing office. Based on the requirement, the eLogicTech structural engineering team develops steel shop drawings, fabrication drawings, and structural steel designs for accurate and timely reference to the construction and fabrication of the steel structure.

Steel Design and Construction Challenges and Measures Taken by eLogicTech

Structural steel detailing has become vital as the integrity of a structure largely depends on the structural frame that comprises beams, columns, and trusses. Here are the common difficulties faced by the contractors as well as fabricators and the steps taken by eLogicTech to resolve them:

Hard and Soft Clashes of Steel Components

Steel components usually face hard and soft clashes due to improper positioning and line-up. Lack of detailed reference documents and coordination among the steel detailing team usually leads to these problem scenarios.

eLogicTech team develops the shop drawing and fabrication drawings with appropriate annotations to work in a highly coordinated environment. Proactive measures taken by the team ensure that there is spatial coordination and no overlap between steel members.

Drawings Missing Key Details

The lack of experience, incomplete understanding of the details, and project inaccuracy usually leads to missing key details in the structural drawings. For example, detailers may miss the key components of connecting design, use incorrect symbols, have incompatible files, etc.

The detailers of eLogicTech have vast exposure in steel detailing of various complexity projects. Their in-depth knowledge and years of experience support developing a precise connection design, main member design, fabrication drawings, etc., without missing any components.

Industry Standards Mismatch

Steel detailing standards varies across geographies and regions. Due to inexperience in steel detailing and lack of awareness of different standards and practices, designers miss out on design compliance. This results in the rejection of the construction plan and further work towards design modifications.

With over two decades of experience in dealing with different geography-specific projects, the eLogicTech team has delivered steel detailing specific to BCSA, the American Welding Society, Iron & Steel of Japan, and more.

Project Delay

Project delay is quite common in large residential or especially commercial construction projects where dependency is high among teams and multi-level design verification as well as the approval process aids to the delay. These problems are also quadrupled by the clarity issues around the RFIs and structural plans.

Having the entire structural designing, validation, and estimation process under one roof, eLogicTech sticks to the defined timeline and avoids delay with proper planning, coordination, and precision.

Value-adds by eLogicTech Steel Detailing Service

At eLogicTech, we believe that steel detailing is an integral part of modern-day construction, and we add value to the process with the following:

  • Expertise in Tekla Structures - Our steel detailing team has expertise in Tekla Structures that helps provide zero-error fabrication and steel detailing.
  • Precision in Drawing and Estimation - The in-house Tekla experts at eLogicTech deliver precise shop drawings, erection drawings, bills of materials, etc.
  • Drawings Tailored to Construction Standards - The drawings developed by the detailers get tailored as per the industry construction standards and global practices.
  • Familiarity with Global Standards - We are familiar with and adhere to global standards, such as AWS, AISC, NISD, and Euro codes, as per the requirement.

eLogicTech Can Address All Your Steel Detailing Project Concerns

Today, most steel detailing projects suffer from inconsistency between specification and drawing, clashes at a construction site, delays in the project, etc.

eLogicTech Tekla experts help in delivering the steel detailing project with reduced human error, precise drawing and specifications, adherence to geographical standards, and above all, strict adherence to the defined timeline.

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