Digital Twin Process in the AEC Industry

How eLogicTech Helps with Digital Twin Process for the AEC Industry

The inclusion of digital twin technology in the construction industry is crucial for a valuable insight into the built and solving design and operation challenges. eLogicTech empowers construction firms by connecting the physical and virtual world and creates an immersive analytics visualization with digital twin technology.

From small AEC projects to large and complex AEC projects, eLogicTech supports construction firms to integrate building systems, sensors, and utility data with an intelligent and multidimensional digital model. Thus, our customized and refined digital twin process helps organizations solve complex legacy challenges encountered in project design and operations due to the limitation of data integration, its use, and loss of data. Explore the digital twin process at eLogicTech to make the infrastructure sustainable and resilient.

What Is Digital Twin and the Categories

The digital twin is the real-time miniature of a physical object that replicates every attribute and property of the entity. Being in the virtual environment makes it suitable for operating simulations and improving performance. Here is the list of various types of digital twins and their significance in projects.

Informative Digital Twin

Informative digital twin gives real-time insight and gathers inputs to enhance performance and resolve any challenges. eLogicTech ensures the virtual model receives feedback from sensors and simulates the physical object in real time.

Predictive Digital Twin

Using predictive digital twin, you can capture real-time and contextual data, and gain rich insight to predict risk. Data analytics helps identify potential issues and simulate solutions.

Descriptive Digital Twin

eLogicTech develops a descriptive digital twin, a live visual replica of the physical entity in addition to 3D models and BIM. You can edit the design and construction data of the project live on these digital models.

Comprehensive Digital Twin

Comprehensive digital twin helps plot and visualize potential future scenarios with the help of advanced modeling and simulation technology. We perform prescriptive analytics to give solutions and recommendations based on the problem.

Autonomous Digital Twin

Autonomous digital can learn and act on behalf of users using AI methodologies. They enable us to make appropriate decisions using advanced simulation algorithms and 3D visualization.

Digital Twin Process at eLogicTech

The application of digital twin technology in modular construction helps overcome several limitations from planning, construction, and operations to maintenance. eLogicTech follows a four-step process to implement digital twin technology for a new-built facility or project.

Step 1: Define Objective

eLogicTech consults the project owners to understand the desired operational outcome and the data required to deliver those results.

Step 2: Develop BIM model

The BIM model and design get developed, and gradually construction process initiates.

Step 3: Create a Digital twin

Now, capture the required data and map it to the BIM model using software like Tandem. The created Digital twin reflects the building's classified object and asset data.

Step 4: Integrate Operations Data

Next, the second phase of digital twins’ life begins after the occupants move in. We create operational performance data and create a system model to perform simulation and enhance the performance of the building.

How eLogicTech Makes Life Easier for AEC Firms and Project Owners

Including Digital twins in the project’s life cycle process makes AEC firms enhance the construction project performance, optimize energy consumption, and increase sustainability.

As a leading BIM service provider, eLogicTech uses AI and ML technology to gain real-time data access and deep insight to overcome several construction project performance issues and challenges. The real-time data and informed decision-making bring cost and time benefits to the project owners and construction firms.

Optimize your project’s performance, sustainability, and resilience with eLogicTech digital twin services. Contact us to schedule a meeting with our specialists.

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