Various Types of Architectural CAD Services

Why CAD services?

CAD services are used to set up interior and exterior designs for buildings used for any type like for residential, commercial, institutional, hotels, restaurants, educational institutions. Different types of CAD services:

All of the below services are serve different purposes.

  • 3D Architecture Modeling
  • 3D Architecture Rendering
  • 3D Architecture Animation
  • 3D Fly Through
  • 3D Walk Through
  • 3D Interior Rendering
  • 3D Exterior Rendering
  • Architectural BIM Services

3D Architectural Modeling – It is the process of developing a mathematical wire frame of any 3D object. With the help of 3D rendering services, these models can display an image in print. The rendered 3D models give photorealistic effect as they have real elements which include shadows, sunlight effects and others.

3D Architectural Rendering – 3D rendering is used majorly by industrial designers to visualize their ideas by creating a 3D image using CAD software. 3D rendering in architecture means creating photorealistic images of residential and commercial buildings (quiet similar to photography and cinematography as it helps in lighting and staging scenes, producing images).

3D Architectural Animation – It is a process to create a fast, effective and economical communication media. It is used to create live animations JPEG files that can be shared with clients all over the world. Walkthroughs can also be created using the actual materials like interior lighting, landscaping, natural lighting and other moving objects.

3D Fly-Through – It allows users to view a model like they are inside it and moving through it.

3D Walk Through – It helps to give a clear idea to design and visualize the building to be constructed.

3D Interior rendering – With the help of 3D interior rendering, you can add, remove or modify various elements in building like lighting, furniture, furnishing, wood panelling, wall papers, wall textures and other details for any building.

3D Exterior rendering – It is considered to be the starting point in visualising any project. It portrays the important details of light intensity, reflection and shadows creating a real life portrayal of building. Other factors like environment rendering which includes trees, hedges, fences, vehicles, roads and neighbourhoods can also be visualised as part if projects final rendering.

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