5 Easy Steps to Get an Accurate Steel Detailing Estimation

Steel detailing is an important part of structural engineering, demanding optimum accuracy. Precision and accuracy of steel detailing provide resistance to steel structures in hazardous conditions and increase and help increase the sustainability of the structure.

Steel detailing is primarily used for pre-engineered projects, light metal framing in residential and commercial buildings, façade elements, aluminum curtain walling, bridge construction, transmission towers, and other large structures. The detailing standards vary across the geographies to meet the climatic, geographical, and terrain conditions of the region.

The process involves the creation of detailed drawings and planning and estimation of materials. Two drawings are shop or fabrication drawing and erection drawing. The use of advanced tools like Tekla or Tekla Structures strengthens the construction quality by forming smooth coordination between structure and steel. The tool helps avoid manual errors and ensures intelligent connections, reinforcements, and model components.

How to Get Precise Steel Detailing Estimation

5 Easy Steps to Get an Accurate Steel Detailing Estimation

Steel detailing estimation refers to the quantitative analysis of rebars, bolts, joints, trusses, etc., and other materials required for the construction. A precise and accurate estimation is crucial to keep cost control and improve profit margins. The impact of steel detailing estimation is not limited to cost and profit but extends to fabrication, erection, and analysis.

Therefore, the selection of the right software for estimation is vital to get accurate steel detailing, fabrication, and erection phases. Steel detailing estimation in Tekla Structures, one of the advanced BIM software for structures, enables precise estimation and detailing using different Tekla models.

Let us consider the placement of basic reinforcement using rebar sets and custom components. You can choose construction modeling as configuration and create a rebar model and name it. Add some concrete parts to the model, such as walls, slabs, columns, etc., and put some basic reinforcement like rebars.

Rebar sets are available in concrete ribbon in Tekla structures and consist of various tools suggesting ways to create reinforcement. And you can select any tool to create rebars, such as creating rebar by face and placing it on slabs, columns, and walls. The software allows us to change the grade, shape, and type of rebar before or after we place them at any time. Similarly, we can change the properties of slabs and adjust the concrete cover on them. Once the reinforcement model is complete, we can initiate the estimation process.

Process for Precise Steel Detailing Estimation

The five easy steps to get an accurate steel estimation in Tekla Structures are as follows -

Quantification of steel members

5 Easy Steps to Get an Accurate Steel Detailing Estimation

The two different avenues for performing quantification of steel members are The Organizers or Reports. The organizer synchronizes with model objects and groups them into different categories using settings such as rebars, surfaces, parts, layout points, etc.

And the physical and informational data of these objects are displayed in the object browser to the left. The information listed by the object browser depends on the categories and objects selected, and the list of information for a particular category includes type, shape, size, grade, length, weight in total, etc. One can combine identical items and group them together using column headers to organize.

For reinforcement, the information listed is bar-size, material, shapes, and bend, along with the running totals displayed at the bottom. Synchronize the organizer along with the reinforcement created in the model to get the exact count and weight of all reinforcement of the project.

We can take this information out of Tekla Structures and export it to excel. The export is the exact copy of the information displayed in The Organiser that can get saved or updated as needed.

Verify the similar members in the project

This is another crucial step in the steel detailing and estimation process that helps in the steel connection design by narrowing down the considerations. Each structural member is designed based on its load-bearing strength and agility in the structural framework.

Verifying similar members can be helpful in testing the properties against the defined criteria and manufacturing the units with precision before the actual construction process begins. Moreover, it also helps in preparing the procurement calendar and installation of the structural framework.

Analyze the complexity of the project

On many occasions, the steel design project is not that straightforward and involves detailing and estimation of the core structure as well as the supporting structure. The supporting structure can be developed in the form of a structural base of a decorative façade solving both the strength and aesthetic purpose.

All these need to be visualized, planned, and analyzed before the detailing of the project members in the whole structure for precise steel estimation.

Identify the miscellaneous steels in the project

Be it as part of the operational or maintenance inventory, primary steel members and supporting members of the structural design need to be identified and documented. Along with including the details in the estimation process, the documents about miscellaneous steel members also need to be supported with procedural drawings or process flows for the project teams to understand.

Understand the scope of work

Though the scope of the structural design usually is clear from the beginning of the detailing and estimation process, the estimation sheet must include additional scope as part of maintenance and modifications. These details of the additional steel members are pertaining to the miscellaneous members and secondary steel structures supporting the core project design.

eLogicTech Delivers Steel Estimation Along with Structural Design

5 Easy Steps to Get an Accurate Steel Detailing Estimation

With over two decades of industry experience, the eLogicTech structural engineering team has the expertise to deliver precise steel detailing and estimation services. Using advanced software like Tekla Structures, eLogicTech delivers steel erection drawing, steel fabrication drawing, structural drafting, structural modeling, shop drawings, and rebar services. Contact us for a bulk quotation or custom pricing for an ad-hoc project today.

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