The Power of AutoCAD 2022 CAD Software Unveiled

Ever since its first release in 1982, AutoCAD has come a long way, and AutoCAD 2022 is no different with many new great additions. With useful features getting added to the package almost every year, all its new versions come with something brand new or super-enhanced for CAD designers and architects. According to the CNCCookbook 2021 study, Autodesk AutoCAD has a mind share of 11.7% among all the CAD software, and the number is a decent increase of one percent from the 2020 data.

The Power of AutoCAD 2022 CAD Software Unveiled

The recently released AutoCAD 2022 is improved from the previous version and will be helpful in providing architectural CAD services in many ways. With easier options to share, store project files on the cloud, and access them from different devices using AutoCAD web and mobile apps have made it more convenient to use.

Brand-new features in AutoCAD 2022 to focus on nothing but the design

Autodesk has come up with many major improvements and seven brand new features in its flagship CAD software product – AutoCAD 2022. Here are the new features that add more power and capability to CAD drafters and designers.

Start screen is much cleaner and more modern

The Power of AutoCAD 2022 CAD Software Unveiled

AutoCAD 2022 has a new start screen with a cleaner and organized interface. On the left pane, you can open new files, and from the drop-down, you can also open a sheet set or explore sample drawings. Similarly, you can also open your imported drawings using the ‘New’ button. From the drop-down, you can also open your drawings with any of the default templates or with any online templates and can create your own sheet set.

The recent button will open a dynamic list of files you have worked on each time you open AutoCAD 2022. The view of this dynamic list can be toggled between a List view or a Thumbnail view. You can also get to know the location of these files – whether on a local drive or on the cloud.

The push pin button below the files will allow you to permanently keep those on the dashboard for future reference. All the learning materials and videos from Autodesk will also be available within the Learning section of the left pane.

Now there are a few helpful, quick access links added to the bottom of the left pane, such as – Online help, Community forum, Customer support, AutoCAD mobile app, AutoCAD web app, etc. The notification icon on the right side of the screen can give you important information about your account when you logged in.

Share link – Easier to view and approve

The Power of AutoCAD 2022 CAD Software Unveiled

With the new share link feature of AutoCAD 2022, now the drawings can be sent through shareable links that can be accessed through AutoCAD mobile and AutoCAD web apps. You can share the link in two types View only and Edit and save a copy. These options provide the control of who can edit and make changes to the drawing and who can only view and share inputs. Here, the following things to be noted –

  • The sharable link will expire in 7 days.
  • The maximum size is 200 MB. Also, you need to send the host file and the reference files separately, which should be under 50 MB each.

Traces – All new way to add feedbacks and markups

The Power of AutoCAD 2022 CAD Software Unveiled

The traces feature is a brand-new feature that has come with AutoCAD 2022. With this, design collaborators and stakeholders can add necessary feedback or markups to the drawings. This feature can only be used in the AutoCAD 2022 web app or the mobile app.

However, the traces associated with a particular Autodesk account can be edited from that account only. In a collaborative design environment, designers can add their traces, and when others can share inputs on those, they can edit and add the revised traces to the drawing at their convenience.

Another key point is that - in the desktop version, the traces can only be seen, but neither you can create a trace on the desktop version, not the traces can be modified even if it has been created from your account. From the desktop version of AutoCAD, you can access the traces pallet under the Collaborate tab.

Count – Get the object names and the quantity in the drawing

The Power of AutoCAD 2022 CAD Software Unveiled

The Count feature is also a new addition in AutoCAD 2022. You can access the count feature under the View tab. The beauty of this feature is that it will give you a dynamic list as you keep on adding or removing objects or blocks on the drawing without manually making any entry.

Another very interesting aspect of the Count list is that – it will also provide critical information about errors in the drawing, such as overlapping of objects and other similar simple errors by highlighting the erroneous portions.

Apart from this, you can select and include the objects that you want to check or showcase in the dynamic list rather than a long list of all the objects. However, don’t forget to regenerate the drawing before you see the updated count of objects in the drawing.

Floating drawing windows

The Power of AutoCAD 2022 CAD Software Unveiled

With the floating drawing window feature, now you can check multiple drawings simultaneously on one system or on multiple connected computer windows. This feature is helpful, especially when you are comparing drawings or making changes to a certain segment by referring to an old drawing. At any point in time, you can also stick the floating window to the top of the drawing pane, and it will appear as a tab.

Publish to Autodesk Docs

The Power of AutoCAD 2022 CAD Software Unveiled

Now, this is an amazing and one of the most useful features for sharing PDF copies of your layouts for review, stakeholder approval, or to showcase on any web platform. All your drawing layouts you can now convert into PDF, publish them all onto Autodesk Docs and share.

The Publish to Autodesk Docs option is there under the Collaborate tab. With this feature, you can upload and share a single sheet layout drawing, multiple layouts from your local system, or even a list of sheets you have shared as a reference.

Integration of Autodesk Drive and Autodesk Docs with the web app

With AutoCAD 2022, you can access files through the desktop version, AutoCAD web app, and AutoCAD mobile app. When the web and mobile apps are the ways to access files from the cloud, Autodesk Docs has made file sharing and collaboration much easier.

Now, the integration of Autodesk Drive and Autodesk Docs with the web app enables you to access project files anywhere across the Autodesk ecosystem.

AutoCAD 2022 loaded with new features and improved performance

The new version of AutoCAD CAD software will be available for both Windows and Mac operating-based systems. With greater flexibility, options to personalize workflows, quick command buttons, and enhanced block libraries, AutoCAD 2022 comes with really quick and seamless installation with fewer inputs required before you kick start your project.

As an AutoCAD-enabled service provider, eLogicTech Solutions has been dealing with architectural, civil, structural, and BIM projects for the past two decades. Being in the industry for years and having used several CAD software for architectural drawing, drafting, and 3D visualization, eLogicTech analyzes the potential of different CAD software and their feasibility based on the scope or requirement of the project.

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