MEP Coordination Services Helpful For On Time Project Delivery

Before getting into MEP coordination services, we need to know if time is more important than money. If you would ask me, I would always say that time is much more important than money. Why? Since money can be earn if lost once, but you can’t buy time if it is lost once.

Hence the coordination here of MEP services is only to save time and deliver the project on time without any delay. MEP stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Seeing the three terms, we already understand the deepness and the complexities involved in designing these systems.

How are MEP coordination services helpful here?
Since we already know the depth of complexities we could face while designing these systems, the coordination is done only to proceed further with ease and without any delay.

Process of Coordination:
MEP coordination can be started if and only if the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design models are ready by their respective systems. Once the models are ready, they can coordinate the models together to check if different disciplines can take proper places without any difficulty such that there are no clashes between the three disciplines.

If any clashes are detected by engineers, they work together to find the appropriate solution for the problem. This process improves resolution process and influences the overall project positively. When the clashes are resolved on time, it reduces rework during the construction phases. Had these clashes not been detected at an early stage, it could take an extra time in the later phases thus delaying the project delivery.

This makes it very clear that if the time is saved by taking necessary steps, majorly taking the coordination of MEP disciplines into consideration, project can be delivered to the clients on time with quality.

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