Connected BIM to take over the traditional BIM - a new revolution in the construction industry

BIM has been a paragon of virtue for its ability to bring down the cost and enhance the working quality. It has been adopted by the government and most of the AEC industries to improve the working capabilities. With more advancement in technology and the urge to thrive each day, BIM modeling services are now on the way to take a new shape.

The advent of Connected BIM concept combining technology with innovation & the available resources, has completely turned the page for the AEC industries. Let us see how:

  • Satisfactory resolution using data

With BIM, a complete repository of data can be created which can be analyzed so that all the alternative approaches can be evaluated in the current scenario. This helps to devise the best possible solution at the very early design phase so that the further steps are carried out in harmony. Connected BIM, being enabled by cloud and mobile technologies, virtual reality construction design(VR) & augmented reality (AR), acts as a perfect advisor in the whole process of design & engineering. It optimizes the designs and makes the right decision using the data available.

  • Computerized approach

Digitization has made the entire workflow very smooth and seamless, right from the design integration to fabrication to the actual construction process. Additionally incorporating sensors, drones, ingenious machines and advanced mobile devices at the construction sites, have all together enabled a splendid connected BIM environment using the cloud platform. This helps in materializing ideas into reality at a very low cost and in a much faster time.

  • Data - the prime supremo

Connected BIM is successful on the prime grounds of data, and yes, of course, there is technology added to it. With the enormous amount of data available, this connected technology has helped to have a proper project lifecycle and make the whole process worthy. Operational data, data from sensors & connected intelligent devices (IoT), all are helping in making structured decisions which include, alarming on improvements at the decision-making level, enhanced efficiency at the operational level, and decision on the scope of future improvements.

  • Centralized

The strong nexus between technology and data has given birth to capabilities of sharing and collaborating the project throughout the lifecycle in real time with no hurdles. This encourages unity in the team & the system and facilitates a better accessibility, from anywhere, anytime. Right from the beginning, the project is put in the centre so that the entire working team is up-to-date in the office as well as at the job site. All this has been possible with the strong collaboration of cloud, connected data and the smart systems.

The power of connected BIM is giving a new hope to the AEC sector with a better future with better decision making capabilities, enhanced efficiency & quality in the system, better predictability and a drive towards innovation.

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