What is the use of Revit structure?

Revit structure is a CAD software program with a similar interface to other applications for Windows. All the structural members like beam, columns, and walls are available at just a click. You can drag them in the drawing and verify if they meet specific design requirements.

The conceptual design platform gives us a basic model which can be utilized in the Revit project environment as the basis to produce more detailed architecture by applying roofs, walls, floors and various fixtures.

Using Revit application, we get an analytical model of structure in a form of 3D model with complete engineering details of structural members, material properties, geometric dimensions and loads that together are useful to develop engineering system. This model is generated once you create a physical model and can be shared to other design programs. If you make any change in physical model, the analytical model sets itself accordingly.

The final model contains physical and analytical details of all structural members like beams, walls, braces, floors. The Revit conceptual design platform provides a lot of flexibility in early stages of design process for engineers, architects and interior designers to explore ideas and generate a correct model that can be incorporated into building information modelling (BIM) to convert them into buildable models.

The quality generated from Revit application can be scaled down to 1:5 drawings and even 1:1 if needed. Thus, giving us a flexibility to customize as we need since, we might need some custom furniture to be detailed for manufacturing. Handling these final touches in Revit makes a lot of difference between a properly insulted house and the one that is chilly and noisy at places. With Revit, you can use all the BIM information and further push it with 2D details by relying on supplier’s information.

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