Top 10 Good Reasons to Use BIM

In recent years, the requirements for construction projects have changed significantly. Issues such as sustainability and environmental protection are major source of concerns. In addition, major cities today, face challenges such as tight housing market and higher traffic volumes. The respective areas and the process to reduce it are be coming more specialized. The construction industry's solution for the betterment of this is Building Information Modeling (BIM).

So do you know what BIM is?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital method of construction project management that is already set as standard in many countries, the United Kingdom and the United States for example. With the help of BIM, Architects can digitally depict building models along with all relevant information in detail all throughout the planning process and development lifecycle. In this way, BIM not only supports more efficient planning and execution of construction projects, but also the realistic assessment of costs, time schedules and the sustainable use of materials.

Here are the top 10 good reasons to use BIM:

1. Better communication
Agreements on deadlines, costs and quality can be better coordinated and adhered to by usage of BIM. This is especially true when large teams work on a single project regardless of location.

2. More planning security for complex construction projects
Since BIM enables planning even under difficult conditions, architects and engineers can easily coordinate with the construction time. For example, while constructing a building with multiple phases, the planning gets complicated.

3. Easier controlling
BIM simplifies controlling – over the entire lifecycle of a building. The partners involved, at any given time can retrieve all information and from anywhere making the processes transparent and traceable by BIM.

4. Central data management
BIM includes central data management of all building information. The coordination model not only consists of unspecific lines, surfaces and volumes, but also is enriched with all relevant properties, such as dimensions and position of components, thermal and insulating properties, etc. Thus, required evaluations and analysis can always derived from the model.

5. Early error analysis
The BIM coordination model makes it possible to identify discrepancies across all disciplines – even in early phases of project.

6. Added value through new opportunities in construction project management
BIM enables structural and process simulations over the entire lifecycle. This not only increases efficiency, but also conserves resources and environment. The value of the building increases and is maintained.

7. International competitive advantage
In some countries, BIM is already the default and standard process for project execution. Companies that use BIM today are preparing for the future and can compete internationally with their competitors.

8. Simplified information management
Thanks to BIM, information and knowledge can be easily shared between the project participants. Thus, good project management right from planning and development of a construction project to facility management succeeds.

9. Cost and schedule security
Large-scale projects can be processed much more securely with BIM. It is possible to make verifiable statements about costs and deadlines at any time.

10. More efficiency and better quality
There is considerable potential in the BIM work method, which can increase quality and efficiency throughout the entire construction and utilization process. Instead of working with parallel execution plans and time-consumed for fixes, everyone involved can access a common data foundation and make changes in real time.

Therefore, Introducing BIM is worthwhile. Switching to the BIM method is more valuable on many levels. It leads to more transparency, better communication, financial and scheduling security for construction projects.

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