Should This Project Be a “BIM Project”?

It is paramount to evaluate if the project is good for BIM Implementation or not,and you don’t necessarily need an algorithm to decide whether or not you should implement BIM on a project. You can arrive at a decision about BIM implementation based on the project information and some key factors listed below:

Nature of Construction:
BIM implementation is best suited for new projects, however renovation or maintenance projects can be benefited depending upon the scope and complexity of project.

Program Complexity:
BIM implementation is largely benefited and valued for complex projects like Labs and Healthcare. However BIM implementation would be immensely beneficial and adds value to residential projects where teams can replicate Layouts easily.

Budget always indicates the scale of project and this is a major factor to consider for BIM implementation. BIM implementation can immensely benefit Large Scale Projects and improve efficiency.

Schedule of the project directly impacts the potential value because of the mobilization time required for BIM. The further along a project is, the lower the opportunity for using BIM.

Project Delivery Method:
This is another important factor to consider as projects with a more collaborative contract form will benefit slightly more from BIM than other projects.

Team BIM Capability:
Another important factor to consider is the proficiency of the team on BIM would impact the value of the project it gets from BIM. Better project partners would result in hassle free implementation.

Existing Building Documentation:
For maintenance and renovation projects form of existing building documentation is important. Existing BIM data would be helpful although CAD and laser scan data serve as meaningful baselines when used properly

Some of the factors mentioned above are rudimentary and easier to remember, however there are several factors to take into consideration before we come to a decision on BIM implementation.

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