Plumbing and Electrical Coordination

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For example, let us consider a domestic water heater. A domestic water heater is energy source can either be electric, oil, or natural gas. We just need to make sure that it has been provided a 120 volt service for power control. Coordinate other electrical requirements for electric water heaters, as the kW demands to be very high.

Various domestic water system boilers, with large burner motors require a large H.P. and electrical requirements. Apart from that, there may also be small circulating pumps required for the hot water recirculation system. Coordinate power requirements for each pump depending on its size. Smaller water heaters or instantaneous water heaters can be used in rooms requiring hot water during times when it is not efficient to operate the main water heater. They are usually electric having high kW demands when compared to non-instantaneous type systems.

Coordinate and check for trap priming station locations that provide water in drain traps as they prevent them from drying out and also prevents sewage odours from migrating into a building. Trap priming stations require about 120 volt power. The mechanical designer must meet the electrical designer for coordinating the locations and power requirements of these stations.

Usually, a receptacle is all that’s required; however, when the chiller of the water cooler is remote, hardwired connections may be necessary. Sometimes the chillers could be located above ceilings.

Check the use of electric heat tape on water lines in un-insulated areas, like basements, attics, garages, etc. Always verify if attics or ceiling spaces are subject to freezing. Electrical ground fault protection is also a must. Coordinate for any electronically operated faucets, flush valves, etc.

Transformers and electric outlets may be required. Consider utilizing battery operated faucets/flush valves as they would save money and also eliminate the need for extra electric wiring. Considering the issue with electric wiring that they won’t work when the power is off.

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