MEP Drawing Services Play a Crucial Role

Mechanical Electrical Plumbing drawings play a very significant role in the construction of a building with a longer lifetime. The 2D and 3D Models help to execute the projects in a perfect way such that the exact location of Lighting fixtures, switches, Outlets and containment for electrical distribution are shown. Apart from the electrical distribution, it also shows the details of elements in HVAC system, including ducting, chilled water piping and related equipment’s. Vent piping, Waste water lines, Domestic water lines, plumbing fixtures and valves are also represented in the sketches.

For MEP services, it is necessary to appoint a team of proficient engineers who could assist in shop drawings and can give a 2D MEP drawings, a BIM service provider who helps you get the construction documents from the information provided by the drawings. BIM models give you the illustrations, which highlights every component with detailed technical information.

2D MEP drawings are often released with information about the floor plans with system sizes for scaling and schematic illustration to ensure service continuity with design intent. In addition to that, they provide us with enlarged illustrations which contains specific installation details and equipment scheduled mock-ups. When various equipments are to be installed, the MEP coordinated drawings to ensure that everything is installed in a proper way and every contractor gets a place for his system. Thus, giving a clear action plan for every system contractor. The 2D and 3D diagrams also gives the details about prefabricated components such elevators, windows, cabinets, appliances and air handling units which are required by MEP contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and fabricators.

There is no doubt that MEP shop drawings are now a part of construction industry as most of them make used of BIM services . Coordinated BIM Model improve the quality of construction and saves time. It also is responsible to improve the productivity through off site fabrication, better plans and well informed team. Effective coordination diagrams help to identify the potential problems before fabrication or installation on the construction site, which helps in building project as a whole rather than in separate sketches. Hence, we can say that MEP plays a vital role in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry.

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