How to Convert Paper Drawings into AutoCAD?

Don't know how to convert paper drawings into AutoCAD? Below are the two steps involved in AutoCAD conversion and why you should outsource CAD conversion.

Does your organization still use paper drawings? If yes, there is a chance that you would be wasting time in trying to convert them into AutoCAD. Knowing what exactly to do when it comes to converting old paper archives into AutoCAD is important.

Let us see the two steps involved with AutoCAD conversion:

Scan the paper drawing:

Scanning your CAD drawings can be a problematic process. You might require a large and accurate format scanner with anexpert scanner operator. You can either buy a scanner and train a professional within your enterprise or you could outsource it. Choosing the later is more beneficial as it requires an expert as written above.

Paper drawings which are in poor condition will require special handling while scanning. If they are fragile, they have to be pushed into a protective sheet for scanning to make sure that the digital file does not have errors. An expert scanner operator can do a good job with file clean-up and other facilities of a large format scanner.

Convert TIFF to CAD:

After the paper document is scanned, you will now have a TIFF file. When this file is sent into AutoCAD, you will get a DWG file as output. This is when the file will need a change from raster to vector. Although there is automatic conversion, with the help of software, this can be quite difficult to get it right. The resolution and overall quality of the raster image are major factors to be considered for the end quality and accuracy of the vector file. Even if you have highly advanced and automated raster to vector conversion tools, it would need hands-on CAD professionals to complete the drafting process and present you with the most accurate AutoCAD file.

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