What is Virtual Reality?

In the most technical terms, we can define Virtual Reality as a computer technology that replicates software generated sounds, images and other sensations in such a way that it simulates a physical presence in that environment for an individual. With the use of certain kind of equipments, we are able to experience a virtual reality of everything around him in an artificially created 3-D computer generated environment. While interacting in such an environment, the user can perform actions and manipulate objects to react to the situations. It includes seeing, listening, speaking, touching and other senses a human has. To actually explain virtual reality, we need to put in all the synonyms of virtual and reality together to arrive to near and real-time experience.

Besides the above mentioned senses and perceptions that human have in their organs, there are other senses that we learn through sensory inputs that our brain activates by processing information from the environment around us. That means, we experience reality through the sensory inputs our brain activates while processing the information. In the same way, if our senses are presented with a version of reality that isn’t present physically but we still are able to perceive it as real because of the sensory information attached to it. This is what Virtual Reality is about. In today’s world, we all live in these virtual reality experiences that are created with the help of computers and technology.

Virtual reality can not only be used for fun and games but also has many other important applications. It is used in a wide range of applications such as architecture, arts, defense, medicine, military equipment, sports. It is also used to accomplish a task that is expensive or extremely dangerous or even impractical and can be done without human intervention. Thereby, allowing us to gain much more knowledge and experience without risks.

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