BIM execution plan and why is it important

Building Information Modeling, or BIM is a widely used term now in the construction industry. It has completely changed the work culture & the way the processes are carried out in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms and plays a major role in conducting 3D modelling services. With the introduction of BIM in this industry, there is also a need for a proper BIM execution plan which can generate a right flow of work to execute the process successfully.

To understand more in detail, let us see what a BIM execution plan is.

BIM Execution Plan

A BIM Execution Plan or BEP is an essential component in the construction industry, especially where the project size is huge and the level of complexity is pretty high. This was the root cause of the start of BEP, when organising work actually became a tough task. So to handle multiple parties together, which are involved in the project, BEP is responsible for laying out an overall plan with the details about how the processes will be executed. This helps in devising a clear picture of what exactly has to be done and how.

BEP comprises of the following type of information:

  • How to generate data in the BIM files
  • How that data can be managed, recorded and shared
  • What are the assigned roles along with the task responsibility
  • Plan to achieve the desired goals
  • A proper guide about the project milestones
  • An overall implementation plan, which includes,
    • Project implementation plans
    • Task Information Delivery plans
    • Both these plans determine,
      • when the information will be prepared
      • who will be responsible for doing what
      • which procedures & protocols they will be using
  • Details of a practical working procedure, which includes,
    • Filename conventions
    • Software that will be used
    • Common annotations, abbreviations & symbols that will be used in the BIM execution process

All these details form a rich repository in BIM modeling services and ensure that the project is taken forward at each step wisely and the entire lifecycle is conducted efficiently.

Why is BEP important

BEP stands as a powerful communication tool which connects all the dots in the picture and holds them together till the end. This aspect is very important in the AEC industry. Only a well-coordinated project can sustain till the end and give output. BEP ensures that all the people who are contributing to the project have a dedicated & assigned role and keeps a check, on how it is being executed. And since all the role players are connected with one another, BEP sees to it that there are no loopholes in the execution so that the project lifecycle is not disturbed. This gives a sense of responsibility to the contributors about what is expected from them and how they should be carrying out their assigned tasks so that the quality of the system and processes is kept intact.



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