Automated Scan to CAD conversion

Though, there is a deep shift seen from paper drawings to the digital 2D & 3D representations of drawings through CAD but wondering, there are still many people using traditional manual drawing system. One of the reasons being lack of digital knowledge & expertise. It is not that you cannot use paper drawings but neither it would be wrong if we say it is the need of the hour. It is very important to know how useful, it is to have, a CAD design. Below are some key advantages:

  • 100% accuracy rate
  • You can easily maintain as many back-up copies as you want
  • Making modifications is very easy
  • You can take a detailed as well as an overall print, as per your requirement, in just fraction of seconds
  • Saves time
  • It is not tiring

Moreover, now-a-days, even the site engineers and contractors demand for CAD file of the plan for their ease, as they can have the clear picture of the minutest detail of the plan. Difficulty arises, when they are handed over manual designs, which can neither be edited nor psychologically you can focus on the details, because it becomes very time consuming.

But, people who are still making paper designs should not get disheartened. The technology has grown so much that now you can automatically convert manual drawing to a digital format. Though you might find several software’s online which can do this job in just split second but there is no surety on accuracy grounds. For that reason, you need special technicians providing CAD conversion services who can professionally deal with this.

They use special scanners which take in account the size and dimensions of the plan thereby keeping the resolution intact. While scanning the files, a lot of important factors have to be considered, like color, resolution, scale, etc. This is only possible if there is an involvement of technical persons who has sound knowledge in this field. Their knowledge and experience can help you with scanning these documents and converting them to equivalent cad versions without losing any information. These machines can even scan old plans whose papers have been deteriorated but it needs special handling and some extra care to recover them in good quality. These CAD conversions companies have proficiency in converting these paper files to a standardized format.

Once the drawings are scanned, you basically get a raster file in format say a TIFF extension file. This is, you can just view the file on the web but it cannot edit it in CAD. If you want to make a CAD file, it has to have a .DWG extension. In order to do that, you need to convert this raster file to CAD compatible vector format. Vector files are capable of holding volumes of data without losing any detail. When you have the converted file in hand, you are ready to perform any operations in the file from making changes in the design to exporting a 2D file to a 3D frame or taking print of any part of the design, without investing much time and energy.

Although this conversion is automatic, but ensuring the accuracy and quality, you would definitely need a skilled hand, who can create an accurate AutoCad file efficiently for you.

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