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Each member of eLogicTech is an important part of the corporate family, essential for its success. Our employees are selectively chosen and handpicked from the best architecture schools worldwide. Many bring with them the valuable experience of working with some of the most well-known architectural houses in India and abroad. The new recruits undergo a rigorous and comprehensive training program which has been designed keeping international construction technologies and documentation standards in mind.

Each team is led by a Project Manager who is responsible for successful and timely execution of every project and effective communication with clients. The project manager is the sole point of contact between client and eLogicTech team. Project Coordinator manages the overall quality control for each assigned projects. They receive additional support of Architects and Engineers who are qualified professionals with diverse technical skills.

eLogicTech team consists of experienced Architects / Engineers with B. Arch / B.E. or M. Arch / M.E degree and having advanced knowledge of various documentation and visualization software platforms. The team also undergoes a continuous evaluation and training process to help them improve their skills in communication, management and planning towards successful completion of every project.

Project Manager: Clients One Point Contact

  • Experienced Architect with strong technical skills
  • Superlative written and oral communication skills
  • Leadership and motivational skills
  • Proficient in latest software
  • Trained in International Construction Technology and documentation codes

Project Coordinator: Quality Control Lead

  • Experienced Architect with strong technical skills
  • Trained in quality control processes
  • Proficient in latest softwares
  • Trained in International construction technology and documentation codes

Project Team: Architect / Interior Designer/ Graphic Designer

  • Proficient in latest software platforms from AutoDesk, Bentley, Nemetschek, Adobe, Graphisoft and Google.
  • Trained in International Construction Technology and documentation codes