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Intent of CAD standards

Consistent graphics management for all the projects. The Standards and Procedures Manual preparation in order to distribute the CAD Standards among the employees of an organization as well as their consultants, contractors, and others. The procedures are meant to give employees and the consultants guidance as to how to most effectively work within a standardized framework. These Standards and Procedures are living documents, which are revised and updated as required.

eLogic developed global CAD Standards

They are defined as the rules, guidelines and standard operating procedures that are used in the production, maintenance and sharing of drawing information in the electronic environment.

WHY DO WE NEED CAD STANDARDS: CAD standards bring consistency of data production for the departments within one company. It is usually much faster to begin a drawing with CAD standards; template files may facilitate this process. Parties do not lose time for correcting the items that are not matching to the company standards. CAD standards should not only cover the design and construction but also the facilities management phase CAD standards facilitate information sharing between the parties since they have the capability to define the ownership of the data within the supply chain.

The drawings are shared as below:

  • within every companies departments situated across the world
  • with other companies
  • with the Client


  • Title Block
  • Layering,
  • Text styles,
  • Dimension styles,
  • File Naming,
  • Paper layouts, etc