Getting Started

eLogicTech operational time is an advantage to companies across the globe which helps them reduce their turnaround time. We follow a six-day week in India (Monday-Saturday) and work flexible hours to ensure some overlap between our clients and us.

Step 1
  • Typically clients would email ( a detailed scope of work with a list of required drawings.
  • We recommend our clients to share a completed reference project sharing their CAD standards for the work to be completed.
  • We also expect reference CAD libraries that the client may need on the project.
  • Clients send scans by email (or FTP for attachment files more than 10 MB), Sketches, Image Files or Paper drawings in formats like DWF, JPEG, TIF, PDF.
Step 2:
  • An assessment of the scope of work, time required to complete the task and cost estimate is provided to client based on the information provided.
  • Upon approval from both sides, a contract and an NDA is signed.
At eLogicTech we adhere to a non-disclosure agreement with our clients to ensure total confidentiality of your identity and intellectual property. In addition a strict back-up policy of data is maintained, so that client IP is safe and secure with us.
Step 3:
  • eLogic sends daily progress reports and deliverables.
  • Client sends mark-ups using DWF mark-up.
For further queries please refer to our FAQs.